Message of Chairman


Dear customers,

First of all, I would like to send you the most sincere greetings and the most sincere thanks.

Through nearly a half century of formation and development of the company, formerly known as Hanoi Industrial Textile Factory with small scale, obsolete equipment, main products as twine, canvas and tire cord fabric from cotton yarn, polyester yarn. With your help and cooperation, with the dynamism, creativity and endless efforts of all staffs and employees, the company has been considerably developing in scale, product quality, commodity structure and technology level, being trusted by domestic and foreign customers so far.

HAICATEX has become the leading industrial fabric manufacturer in Vietnam for tire cord fabrics and the leading manufacturer in the worldfor geotextile fabrics.

With our basic foundation, business philosophy, orientation principles and traditional culture, HAICATEX believes to create good quality, diversified products and services that are increasingly suitable for all customers through modern technology, the cooperation of customers and the sense of responsibility, the endless creativity of the staffs and employees throughout the process of serving the needs of customers.

Again, thank you!

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pham Hoa Binh