Development process


Over the past 50 years of construction and growth, HAICATEX has become a reputable manufacturing company in the sector of tire cord fabricmanufacture for all kinds of tires and geotextiles for infrastructure development such as transportation, irrigation and supply of garments for domestic consumption and export; Main functions are: Manufacture and trade tirecord fabrics, geotextile, garment products, petroleum business, real estate business, warehouse, workshoplease service business.

The company was established on April 10, 1967. It is a state-owned enterprise, formerly known as Blanket Textile Factory, a member of Nam Dinh Textile Associate Factory which was ordered to dismantle the machines and equipment to evacuate to Hanoi during the US sabotage war with fierce attack in Northern area.

In the early years, the factory manufactureredfleece blanketsfrom the recovered materials of Nam Dinh Textile Associate Enterprise and when it was moved to Hanoi due to the unstable source of recovered material, causing high cost, the State had to cover losses constantly; in 1970 – 1972, with the approval of the State, the Factory was assisted by China to build a production line of bicycle tirecord fabrics made of cotton yarn.Tire cord fabrics were approved by Sao Vang Rubber Factory to consumein place of imported tire cord fabrics imported from China, bringing stable business advantages, high profits for the Factory.

In 1973, the Factory returned the fleece blanket textile line and installed additional canvas production line.

In October 1973, the Factory was renamed to Hanoi Industrial Textile Factory with the main taskasindustrial textile: tire cord fabric,canvas, and all kinds of twines…

During the period from 1973 to 1988: The Factory implemented the production plan according to the mechanism of budget subsidies, with all input and output assigned by the State. Enterprise organized relatively stable product production and consumptionand followed the trend of the next year higher than last year. The manufactured products were favored and consumed from Northernarea to Southern area.

In the period when the economywas transformed into a market mechanism, and foreign trade activities developed strongly, the products of the Factory faced to the strong competition of the same products on the market from various economic sectors andimported products. Some traditional customers changed to new technology to meet the market demand, so consumption market share of the Factorywas considerably reduced.In this situation the Factory sought to improve product quality, replaced raw materials to produce tire cord fabricsfrom 100 cotton to PC fiber, diversified products, manufacturedmore civil canvas such as 6624, 3415 …, found measures to reduce product costs. In addition, the company also invested 2 morejacket sewing lines with a design capacity of 500,000 SP/year.

In 1993, the Factory associated with Chinese and French partners, named Thang Long Nylon Company which invested in Nylon 66 tire cord fabric glue dip line.

In 1994, the Factory was renamed to Hanoi Industrial Textile Company, with more diversified functions. In 1997, the company continued to invest in a sewing line.

In the 90s, the company relied on the key product as civil canvas for the footwear industry, tire cord fabric from PC fibers to produce bicycle tires. In 1997 canvas reached the highest sales, creating jobs and income for more than 300 yarn – textile workers.

In 1998, the company took over Nylon Thang Long Joint Venture, restored and invested step by step to add 18 Chinese knitting machines.

In 2002, the company narrowed and abolished canvas production line, invested 2 new direct modern spinning machines from Federal Republic of Germany, 1 high quality air-blow knitting machine from Kingdom of Belgium, 1 high quality tire cord fabric roll head from Germanyin place of the old tire cord fabric roll head of China, upgrading the control system of tire cord fabric glue dip line, increasing the speed of glue dip up to 40m/min …, and invested a new production line of nonwoven fabric to make geotextile with design output: 2,300 tons/year (equivalent to 15 million m2/ year).

In 2006, the company received To Chau Company, invested in 1 high quality spinning machine and extended2 existing spinning machines, added 1 high-speed air-blow knitting machine, installed a fabric softening system to produce automotive tires, invited specialists to successfully transfer glue dip technology of Germany.


In 2008, the company continued to invest in 2 high quality spinning machines and 1 modern air blow knitting machine from Western Europe, increased total capacity of producing all kinds of tire cord fabric of the whole line up to 4,500 tons/ year.

The new investment in geotextile production line and investment inwidth as well as in depth of tire cord fabric glue dip line diversified products and improved the business efficiency of the company.

In 2014, the company expanded its production including: 1synchronous nonwoven fabricline, with width upto 6m; 1 CC4 spinning machine module from Allma-Saurer (Federal Republic of Germany) and Picanol air-blow knitting machine to increase the capacity of the production line with 150 tons/ month, in addition, invested in size opening, center adjustment and upgrade ofBenninger fabric roll (Germany).

In 2015, the company invested in tire cord fabric stitching machines from Birch brand (UK), 1CC4 spinning machinemodule to increase spinning capacity.

The company has two memberenterprise with 210 employees, including many skilled workers, engineers, managers with extensive knowledge and much experience. The company focuses on building a strong position for two major industries that aretire cord fabric of all kinds and geotextiles for infrastructure development combined with production – business of garment products, real estate business, petroleum business and general business. In production – business activities, HAICATEX always respects and keepsprestige with customers, considers prestige as the key factor.

HAICATEX has been building its prestige and brand in the market, is trusted and highly evaluated by domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term business cooperation in the spirit of equality for mutual benefits.

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